Reductin instant

Reductin Instant.

The first sublingual tablet to instantly control your sugar cravings.

REDUCTIN INSTANT helps you reduce the urge to snack between meals, prevents fat from sticking, burns excess calories and prevents water retention. It also contains a patented saffron extract which has a positive effect on morale!

Take REDUCTIN INSTANT as soon as you feel like a sweet snack.


Satiety control


Réductin Instant® reduces snacking and particularly sweet snacking significantly (-78%) and reduces sugar dependency.

Sweet snacking

100% of women report a decrease in the desire to snack.



Control of insulin production


Insulin has two functions:

  • the resorption of sugar from the blood into the tissues…
  • increased fat storage through activation of lipogenesis.


  • 50 mg Crocus Sativus Satiereal®
  • 0,3 mg Chrome picolinate
  • 150 mg Cinamonum verum

Reductin Instant® reduces insulin resistance and fat storage
Reductin Instant® prevents hypoglycemia synonymous with snacking

How and why does it work?

REDUCTIN INSTANT® acts on the 4 components of weight gain: satiety management, fat and carbohydrate absorption, metabolism and transit.


  • Melts on the tongue and delivers the active ingredient directly through the oral mucosa.
  • Immediate stimulation of dopaminergic neurotransmitters
  • Controls craving and sugar dependency
  • Solves the problem of compulsive snacking

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